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Cloud 10

(JP Pennington, George Teren)

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I thought I knew, what love can do, that I’d seen all the highs and the lows

A couple of times, I’ve been on cloud 9 and I thought that's as far as it goes

Now, I’m with you and your proving me wrong

Your love has taken me one step beyond


Cloud 10, just the stars above us

Not a soul can touch this heaven we’re in

Cloud 10, baby you amaze me, what you do just takes me higher, and higher, again and again,

Cloud 10

Boy I could search, to the ends of the earth and not find what I’ve found here with you.

There are some nights you take me so high, I’m eye to eye with the man in the moon….

Hey baby, you make me breathless whenever you’re near, it’s so easy to see forever from here.



Seven was heaven, til I got to eight, nine was divine til you took me away…….. Chorus…




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