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Bonus Track:

Heavenís Bright Shore

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Out on the hills of glory land

So happy and free at Godís right hand

They tell of a place

Of marvelous grace, on Heavenís Bright Shore

Pilgrims on earth someday will go

To live in that home forever more

Trusting in him, who died for sin, and rose from the grave


On Heavenís Bright Shore, (on Heavenís Bright Shore)

Thereís gonna be no more dyiní (over there)

Not one little grave (not one little grave)

In all that fair land (all that fair land)

Not even a tear will dim the eye, no one up there will say goodbye, just singing his praise through endless days on Heavenís Bright Shore.

Verse 2

When I must cross that rolling tide, thereíll be someone on the other side, welcoming me to that fair land, made perfect by love

And when I walk up that milky white way, Iíll see the homecoming in the ray, how great it must be, for angels to see, a pilgrim meet home


Tag: Just singing his praise, through endless dayís

On Heavenís Bright ShoreÖÖ..




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