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Hurts Donít It

(Kerry Kurt Phillips, Larry Haack, Mike Higgins)

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Lately, Iíve been avoiding you, and NO, I ainít been telliní you the truth

Never thought Iíd do the things youíve done, never thought I Ďd be the leaviní one. I caught you by surprise, and itís showiní, HURTS DONíT ITÖ.

Your standing there with tears all down your face, have you noticed, thereís a bare spot in that place, Ďcause Iíve stood there myself, so many times, searchiní for the words to change your mindÖ So, I know just how your feeliní at this moment,

Hurts donít it.


And donít it knock you down, donít it take your breath away, when I turn my back on you while your begginí me to stay, donít it tear your insides out, to watch me load that car, oh, ainít that a knife right through the heartÖ When you give someone your love and they donít want it, HURTíS DONíT ITÖ.

You say you realize youíve done me wrong, well I gotta be in Bakersfield by dawn, your telliní me that you will do anything, Iíve still gotta stop for gas, and pawn this ring, thereís just one thing left to say, and Iíll be goiníÖ. Hurtís Donít ItÖ.

Repeat ChorusÖ..




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