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Iíll Save You The Trouble

(JP Pennington, Larry Cordle, Les Taylor)

Voted Favorite Song on "Cloud 10" by Jennifer Webb Fans

Download the I'll Save You The Trouble - Sample mp3"

You say things ainít working out, and you need a little space. Well, honey lets stop all that bull, and cut right to the chase. I knew this was coming, cuz you ainít been loviní me right, if youíre looking for a way to say goodbye.


Iíll save you the trouble, donít you worry your head

You had your big speech made up, but Iím makiní mine instead

You thought Iíd fall down on my knees, I hate to bust your bubble

Donít worry Ďbout moviní outÖ. Iíll save you the trouble

I know what your thinkiní I can read you like a book. Your lookiní for an easy way to wiggle off the hook. Donít bother tryiní to find the words to get your point across, if your lookiní for a way to write me off.

ChorusÖ Repeat

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