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Itís a Guy Thing

(Freddy Weller, Dickey Lee, Lisa Palas)

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This is what I call, a picture perfect night. Music softly playing, wine and candlelight. He gently takes my hand, heís whispering my name, Oh, then he ask me if I know who won the wildcats game,


Itís a guy thing, Itís a guy thing

They speak a different language, I swear they really do, who else would think you need to lose some weight means I LOVE YOUÖ

Itís a guy thing, Itís a guy thing.

A movies on TV, Iíve talked about for years, so totally romantic, Iím sitting there in tears, I clutch my box of Kleenex, there just about to kiss, Oh, then he picks up the remote and says, ďAre you still in to this?Ē

Chorus 2:

Itís a guy thing, Itís a guy thing

I wanted earrings for my birthday, I hinted around for weeks, he walks in with a blender and says ďBaby itís got 10 speedsĒ

Chorus 3

Itís a guy thing, Itís a guy thing


He thinks the perfect date is the wrestling matches, and if it itches, heís gonna scratch it, and just about the time you want to send him back to mars, heíll smile that smile and charm his way right back into your heart

Itís a guy thing, oh itís a guy thingÖ.Tell me whatís a girl to do

Itís a guy thing (repeats)

He wonít ask for directions

But heís got my affection

Heís almost always late for dinner

But heís still my winner

He leaves his clothes on the floor

I couldnít love him anymoreÖ..




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