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Iíve Had It

(JP Pennington, Roxie Dean)

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Iíve had it with you, I think itís high time you knew, boy you make me crazy with the things you do, Iíve had it, Iíve had it with youÖ.(2nd chorus: Iíve had it all with you)

Well you know that feeliní when your heart reacts to a touch and it feels like a heart attack, but a good one, in a good way, you know that feeliní, and you know that moment when you know itís love, and every dream that you ever dreamed comes true in an instant, you know that moment


You know that kiss that leaves you weak, leaves you breathless you can hardly speak, tender, but not so tender, you know that kiss, and you know that night that you spend together, the one that changes your life forever, stars fall, and you fall, you know that night.



You know how sometimes you get a smile, one as wide as a country mile, one that last for days and days, no matter what you do


Iíve had it, boy you make me crazy with the things you do, Iíve had it, Iíve had it all with youÖ.




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