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Side Effects

(JP Pennington, Troy Seals)

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Me and mama out in the backyard, tying up an old clothes line, I must have been about seventeen, it was summertime. She said girl your age is showin’ you’ll be a woman in a little while, as soon as we get this wash hung out, we gotta sit down child, you need to know that


Mistakes are easy to make, and sometimes one is all it takes, all I’m tryin’ to say is don’t be nobody’s fool, lets talk about the heart, that’s where it starts you got your stars, cars and bars, and cowboys with guitars, and the side effects of the moon….

Tryin’ to walk that narrow path, is a mighty hard thing to do..… You can’t live life, and you can’t know love, ‘til you step off a time or two, if there’s water I’ll jump IN, I swear I don’t know why, Mamma couldn’t save me from everything, but bless her soul she tried, Tellin’ Me…

Chorus: Repeat….




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