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Tears For Souvenirs

(JP Pennington, George Teren)

"Tears For Souvenirs - Sample mp3"

You didnít leave any kind of explanation, You didnít show any sign something was wrong, youíll never know the kind of toll its takin, all my sweet dreams, all the good times are gone, and all I have are


Tears for souvenirs, a kiss I canít forgetÖ.

Love wasnít meant to be, for you and me

Itís over, thatís all clear, and all thatís left are Tears for Souvenirs.

I cleaned out all your letters from my closet, somewhere along the way, I lost your ring, No longer keep your picture in my pocket, thinking of you, just makes me do one thing, thatís why I have these



Memories, they start to fade so fast, Iím afraid, Iíll always haveÖ..

Tears for Souvenirs


Ad libsÖÖ




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