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Sherear Elementary Chorus

Age : 9 years old

Parents : George and Deborah Fraley

I have been asked to participate with Jennifer Webb at Leeds Theater this upcoming April 4th and 5th. This is definitely one of the biggest opportunities for me. This is such a privilege! Jennifer is the greatest and she definitely is my idol. I can only hope to follow in her footsteps.

I am a fourth grader at Sherear Elementary and enjoy learning as well as participating in extra activities. I was selected as one of the fourth and fifth grade chorus singers in the third grade and have be chosen to sing several solos in varies performances. At the age of 7 I then participated in our local talent contest at the annual Pioneer Festival and was chosen runner-up. I received prize money and was recognized in our local paper "The Winchester Sun." Most of all I enjoyed everyone's actions as I sung "THE ROSE."

My most recent win came this past summer at our local Pioneer Festival talent contest when I performed and sang "LET ER' RIP." I took first place and was awarded prize money and was once again recognized in our local paper. Singing is something that I have always enjoyed as long as I can remember. Singing on stage seem to come natural to me. At the age of 3 when Jennifer Webb was performing I joined her in singing "ANY MAN OF MINE".

I am very active in sports as well as many other activities that arise. Soccer, Girl Scouts, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Dance Team, and Chorus play a big part in my everyday activities. I am an Honor Student and enjoy school as well. Hanging out with my friend Krista is a great way to relax and enjoy my go-cart and swimming pool.

I have participated in several other talent competitions and have placed in many different categories. This is just the beginning and I hope for new bigger and better things to come in the future.

I have enjoyed singing as long as I can remember. Singing and Dancing is what I do on my free time. My Mom and Dad have been a big part in my going on with one of my goals, I would love to become a singer one day. The people around me are so supportive. People I don't even know approach me with very heart warming thoughts and encourage me to keep singing and go forward with my dream.

These are just a few songs I enjoy singing:


2. "LET ER' RIP"






The entire Jennifer Webb Teams loves ya Kerrah, your participation in our show is greatly appreciated. Thanks





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