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Middlesboro, Kentucky

Jennifer’s Home Town

"Cloud 10" Promo Tour Kickoff

Feb 5th thru Feb 8th

The tour that spanned several days was capped off by a Grand Finale at the Middlesboro Mall. The parking lot was full to capacity, and an estimated 500 fans surrounded the mall's center stage area. Jennifer's two hour show was hosted by JC Mace from WXJB radio. The show featured the "East End Choir" singing along to "Cloud 10", "Amazing Grace" and "Proud to Be an American". It was an emotional experience for all in attendance.

One hour into the show Jennifer took a break to go into the FYE store and sign autographs. The response was overwhelming! After twenty minutes the line of people had to be terminated, so that Jennifer could continue the show. Insisting on not delaying the fans any longer to actually take a break, Jennifer promptly returned to the stage. Her emotions from the overwhelming fan response was heard in her voice as she began again and soon regained her stage composure.

Fans commented: "one of the best events that Middlesboro has ever had", "Jennifer was such a great inspiration to the children", "Jennifer's singing of 'Broken Wing' brought tears to many - she sings this better then Martina McBride". The FYE store manager reported "excellent sales for the entire day and sales of Jennifer's "Cloud 10" cd were through the roof". Several stores in the mall set "hourly sales records" during the event. The mall manager commented that "the event went over very well, the stores experienced good sales over the weekend and everyone really enjoyed the show".

The big Grand Finale at the Middlesboro Mall did not occur without problems, one of the girls from the East End Choir realized that she had not gotten an autograph from Jennifer. She knew one of our Team Members - "Mic" and contacted him. Mic drove over to her town Sunday morning and brought her CD over to Jennifer to be autographed before she left town.

A Word From Jennifer...

“Hey everybody! The Cloud 10 kick off was a HIT!!!!! Over 500 of my fans were at the Middlesboro Mall for our concert, and that made for a GREAT SHOW! The kids from the East End Choir were absolutely amazing. The energy and excitement in their voices was such an inspiration to me! Thank you all for your wonderful e-mails as well! I’m glad that you had a good time at the show. Let’s do it again sometime!!!!! Again, Thanks to all of you!!!!!! I had a wonderful week and I’m looking forward to many more!

Love, Jennifer Webb”


Jennifer continues: "Let’s not forget the people and sponsors who made this possible for us:

Five Star Entertainment, Frank Kennon - Middlesboro Daily News - Sales Support Dayton – WXJB, Bo Farmer, JC Mace, Reta and all the crew! – WRIL, Kyle Prichard - The Middlesboro Mall - FYE Records - McDonalds - Wal-Mart Vision Center

Also, all of my “Team Members” I love all of you, and thank you for all the behind the scenes work that you do day after day!"

Jennifer and her Team - for the hundredth time - extend a heartfelt Thank You to all the fans and sponsors involved.

Middlesboro Daily News Article Reprint

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The Crowd

Jennifer Webb - Center Stage

The Fans line up to get their copy of "Cloud 10" Autographed

East End Choir

FYE Provides Their Professional Support





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